Friday, September 19, 2008

First Inflight Pictures

This is taken from the back side of the Durst Peak looking at the East side of the Wasatch Front. Where the heavy clouds are is the Bountiful area. Those are the clouds that would eventually end my flight.

Again, the back side of the Wasatch. You can clearly see Weber Canyon.

This shot is looking away from the Wasatch toward the Uintah mountains in a southeast direction.

Flight Facts:
1 hour 14 minutes...the weather was deteriorating and I had to cut it short.
Highest altitude...13,126 feet.
Best thermal...870 feet per minute.
First time to take pictures while flying (not easy).
First time to share a thermal with another plane (Thanks Ron!).
A VERY sweet landing and rollout.


Tobi said...

Why do you have a red piece of string on your windshield?

You are one wild man to take pictures while in flight. Bravo!

Warren Evans said...

Good Question!!!! The red yarn is called a "Yaw String". It gives a visual indication if there are balanced rudder and aileron inputs. For example, if the string is to the right, then I have too much right rudder for the amount of aileron. Either back off on the rudder or add aileron. Making turns with the yaw string straight back makes for more efficient flying. Slipping or skidded turns are bad as they cause extra drag and that means coming down sooner. Thanks for asking!